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Adult Echocardiography Training Course:


is a comprehensive two-part course designed for:

Practicing adult echocardiographers who wish to review current adult echocardiographic ultrasound.


Course Details and Subjects:

  • Overview of cardiac structure and function
  • Pulmonary and systemic circulations
  • Cardiac valves and chambers
  • Cardiac septation
  • External features of the heart
  • Cardiac circulation
  • Conduction system
  • Hemodynamics and the cardiac cycle
  • Provocative maneuvers
  • 2-D views
  • M-Mode evaluation
  • Contrast studies
  • TEE
  • Stress echo
  • 3D echo
  • TDI
  • Systolic and diastolic ventricular function assessment
  • MPI
  • Cardiac signs and symptoms and patient assessment
  • Introduction to valvular stenosis, insufficiency, and prolapse
  • Mitral, aortic, tricuspid, and pulmonic stenosis

Course Schedule and Location: 

Contact us for the details.