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Our Mission

            Our mission is to support and to advance diagnostic medical sonography through providing interactive sonography courses both hands on in our center or online through our interactive medical lectures. Also, we deliver a series of MCQs Mock Exams. Our lectures and sessions supported by many interactive videos and images.

We share our professional insights, articles & experiences with you to improve the clinical standards of professional excellence in sonography. We established a network of experienced healthcare professionals to gather trusted information and perspectives from authoritative sources and present them in an interesting, easy to understand format lectures.

Who We Are

           Since 2014 MK ultrasound center has worked with sonography educators and experts from around the world, drawing from their experience to become a trusted resource for those searching professional careers in medical imaging and education options for diagnostic medical sonography (DMS).


Why us?

          MK Ultrasound Training Center is made up of a team of committed sonographers and physicians with decades of experience in educating medical professionals in the field of ultrasound. We are passionate about the advancement of ultrasound in medicine and are devoted to teaching at any level.

  • Our teaching style is simple, we provide live and online lectures for base learning. Our lectures and hands-on training include ultrasound terminology, anatomy, knobology, physics, pathology, and scanning technique.
  • We provide instruction on scanning technique and examination method to prepare you for the live scanning session. During the live session, we begin with a review of the machine to maximize image quality and efficiency.
  • We will demonstrate a systematic approach to evaluating the patient. This helps develop healthy patterns so nothing is missed. Then it is your turn, we give you the transducer and instruct as you go.
  • We keep our classes small for maximum scan time and individual attention.


              Improve your knowledge of ultrasound and earn clinical sonography skills. The MK center helps you upgrade your knowledge of established applications, such as the Abdomen, OB/GYN, or study for new disciplines, such as Breast and MSK. MK courses provide all the theory needed to perform ultrasound examinations and successfully write the ARDMS examinations. Our courses more than meet the classroom hour requirements of the ARDMS and meet the requirement of the professional bodies for continuing medical education.

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  • Thumbs up!

    “MK ultrasound training course has made a significant difference to our future. We’ve seen a huge improvement in both of our clinical skills and our knowledge of diagnostic ultrasound which has been pretty remarkable!”

    Lamya Aziz

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  • Thank you

    “Learning ultrasound technology was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what source material to read, but with you team everything become easy and understandable. Thank you so much…”

    J. kumari
  • A Snowball Effect

    “MK team, you have had a snowball effect …. When I start my  Obs/Gyn ultrasound course with you, I had no idea about sonography; how it works or how I write a report. but thanks to your amazing efforts now I can do different ultrasound Medical diagnosis within minutes …. I highly recommend MK ultrasound training team for any physician needs to start his ultrasound learning from zero”.

    Maria Y.